Winter clean up

I was going through my blog and came across several posts that were drafted but never got to the post stage.

And since am going through the cleaning phase - cleaning up the clutter at work, home, life, car, and the blog.
dropped some so called -'friends'. have a lighter wardrobe.
have the same old car. (am not even thinking of disposing it off. so dont enquire.)

And publishing all those posts that were drafted a year ago.

My experiments with Blogger-2

Go ahead ..laugh your heart out.

Even I couldnt help breaking into one looking at the blog.
For people who have been following my posts, this should be truly hilarious. :D

The point was to change and add a bit of 'sun shine'. And tried a new template designed by Gisele Jaquenod.

This one was way too cute to match my posts. Anyways, I seriously it would be nice to use this one. Just for a change .
A total contradictory template to my posts.


Busy doing something..
mobile rings
I take the call.

Caller: ma'am do u want xyz bank card .
Me: No

and 'caller' hangs up.
No thanks , sorry for disturbing.... just nothing.
Before they teach call center people anything , they should be taught about basic manners.
Being polite is more important than their weird accents.